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Nov 11, 2010 at 04:08 PM

SSO between BOE 3.1, BI-JAVA and EP Portal as FPN


Hi all

We want made SSO between BOE XI 3.1 BI-JAVA and EP. The Authentication on all three system is LDAP.

The EP work as FPN with the BI-JAVA.

If we configure the BO content as KM in the BI-JAVA is it possible to use the BO KM in the EP?

I found a note '1462514 - BOBJ integration kit exception in FPN'. in this note i found this information: 'On FPN scenarios while trying to consume BOBJ iView that was generated by the Portal Integration Kit.....The iView provided in BOBJ Portal Integration Kit is not supported on FPN'

Has anyone expirience with this problem? Or know anyone, how we can realise to show the content in a FPN landscape.

Am aditional question to SSO with LDAP. I have a guide 'Configuring Kerberos Manual Authentication and/or SSO in

Distributed Environments (requires XI 3.1 SP3 or later)' If i configure the BO system according to the instructions, the SSO with LDAP is working then, or i must configure other things also?

Sorry for this question, i don't have experience with SSO and LDAP


Stefan Zumbühl