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Nov 11, 2010 at 03:27 PM

Counter in regards to a characteristic that it is not in the cube


Hi All,

Iu2019m trying to get a counter working properly from the following scenario:

Plant Transaction Nº Plant+Transaction Articles

0600 02587985 060002587985 xxxxx



0600 09721456 60009721456 iiiiii



0600 01574125 60001574125 iiiiii



I need to count the number of transactions based on u201CPlant+Transactionu201D. In this case, I would get a column in my query that will show, for this Plant 0600, the result as 3.

The idea is to have a smaller Cube, so in that way we are taking out of it the u201CTransaction Nºu201D, the u201CTransaction Nºu201D and u201CArticlesu201D.

I was trying different options playing with a KF that we have in the Cube, which was originally created to count the Transaction Nº in another cube, and it is defined as Number u2013 DEC, Aggregation: SUM and Exception aggregation as Summation. Iu2019m adding the reduced Cube after the original one.

So, my question is: is there a way that I can calculate just the number of transactions in my last Cube, even though I do not have there the u201CPlant+Transactionu201D which will indicate the result 3 that Iu2019m looking for?

I looked through the SDN, but nothing worked outu2026

Kind regards,