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Nov 11, 2010 at 01:50 PM

How to Customize Assortment list HPR and WIND Table


Hello Retail Experts,

Here is my scenario:

I am using Assortment list (WBBDLD05) for POS download and it is working fine. After 6 months we have double Article Master and it is kind of difficult to handle 10 million Articles. We want to Go-Live with more 100 Stores and there I see problem with Performance. We have taken all the measures on the Basis side by expanding Server from 64 GB to 160 GB RAM. We also Reorganize and delete pointer on the regular basis. But still I am worried if I get 40000 EAN (GTIN) per month it will be difficult to generate Update Assortment list for POS for more than 150 stores at a time.

We are using IDOC type WBBDLD05 (HPR) but not the HPR-Transaction, while SAP suggest, one should go to HPR and WIND Table if they have Performance problem. So now we are experiencing Performance problem.

Have anybody Customize HPR and WIND table? Can anybody suggest me the Steps to migrate to HPR and WIND?

Any new suggestion is welcome.

Thank you all in advance.