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Nov 11, 2010 at 01:05 PM

Avoid JDBC sender error: Execute statement did not return a result set



My JDBC sender adapter towards MS SQL server works fine, with an Execute statement calling a stored procedure that returns the source data needed. The stored procedure itself updates the status of database table records, so that only the unread records are returned each time the stored procedure is called.

However, the communication channel monitoring sets a red flag for the JDBC sender adapter, when there are no values to fetch from the database table (using the stored procedure). Message says: "Database-level error reported by JDBC driver while executing statement 'EXECUTE FetchMessage 1, 9000'. The JDBC driver returned the following error message: ' The statement did not return a result set.'. For details, contact your database server vendor."

This is not an error situation, as I do not expect there to be any values to fetch from the database at all times.

I do not see how to change the stored procedure to avoid this error.

Is there a parameter to be set on the JDBC adapter that I can use, so the red flag is avoided?

Thanks for any input!


Oeystein Emhjellen