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Mar 07, 2019 at 03:28 PM

SAP Authorization values in user profile for Org Levels


Hi Everybody

I know this area has been beaten to death but I did not find any appropriate answer to the unique issue we have.

We maintain explicit values for company code in Org. Levels

For example in user profile when we click on Org. Levels for Company code the From value is maintained as '0001' and To value is left blank.

Now when we run certain FIORI tiles we notice that data corresponding to 0001 company code is only getting picked up and the rest are not present.

But there is some data which has blank company code(this is corrupt data but that is another issue) which also gets picked up.

It is my understanding that since only 0001 is accepted value, the resulting dataset should only have rows corresponding to this company code. However since blank company code values are also getting picked up, should we maintain 0001 in the TO field also?