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Nov 11, 2010 at 09:48 AM

how sales order condition value is calculate


my sales order is using ZA0001 procedure

in this procedure it is having

step10 ZAPR(price) sutot=1, Reqt=2

step20 ZZk1(customer discount) sutot=2, Reqt=2

step210 ZZ06(in-company sales) sutot=B, Reqt=601

step220 ZZPS(in-company cost price) sutot=5, Reqt=601 this value is get from material standard price

step510 MWST

step903 BO03(customer rebate) sutot=7

now I created rebate agreement and set as 10%

but in my sales order condition, the rebate price is not calculate as

ZAPR10% but (ZZPS+MWST)10%

how can I change it to what I want?