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Nov 11, 2010 at 08:05 AM

CHARM: Activation of Different Land Scapes at different times


Hi All,

I am configuring ChaRM in solution manager. The requirement is mentioned below:

We have 4 systems land scape: DEV, QA, PRD and TRN (training system) and all transports go into the systems in the following way:

1. DEV->QA

2. QA->PRD

3.QA->TRN (training system)

However, sometimes we have projects going on where in, business says that, all the "project" related transports should only go to PRD system on a specific day (lets say friday). These "project" related transports should not go into TRN (training system) until next week (that is, next friday). Also, during this complete week, no normal or minor transports should go to TRN (training system) except PRD. On Friday (exactly after 1 week), all the "project" related and normal and minor transports should go to TRN (training system) thereby matching the exact status of PRD system.

May anybody please tell me how I can organize these things in ChaRM?

If you need any more information, please do let me know.

Waiting for your kind replies.