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Mar 07, 2019 at 04:04 AM

Process Order quantity



My client is a pharmaceutical company and for some products the production lot size is a fixed validated batch size (e.g. Material A, lot size 100 KG, BOM, recipe and production version with the same lot size (100 KG).

When the process order is created for 100 KG, everything is okay. But when I changed the quantity to 110, system says the production quantity outside the lot size (system message CO260) but it's only information message and it still allows me to change the quantity.

I have configured message CO260 into Error, to prevent user change the process order quantity outside the allowed lot size in the production version. It seems the program doesn't read the system message configuration.

Is there anyone has a similar requirement where the process order quantity MUST be in allowed lot size as per production version and prevent user to change the quantity outside the allowed lot size?

Thank you