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Nov 10, 2010 at 05:14 PM

How to use rounded values in BEx Formulas



I have the following question. Is it possible to use rounded values up to a certain # of decimal points in BEx Formulas?

I have the following problem.

Consider this:

keyfigure val 1 = 0.416666667

keyfigure val 2 = 72

val 3 (BEx Formula) = val 2 / val 1 = 172.799999862

However, what I need to do is this.

val 1 & val 3 should rounded up to 2 decimal points. So, I really need the report to show this:

val1 = 0.42

val2 - 72

val 3 = val 2 /val 1 = 171.43

I changed the number of decimal places on val 1 and val3 to be 0.00. However, it appears that these rounded values are not taken into account in the Formulas, as if the OLAP still uses the original values from the backend with 9 decimal points. So, no matter how many decimal points I use on the Display tab for a key figure, my val3 or result of my formula is always taking into account the 9 digit decimal values, not rounded values that I want. So in the example above, my val 3 comes to 172.80, which it should be 171.43 instead of you use the rounded values in the calculation.

Please let me know if there is any workaround where I could force my BEx Formula to utilize the rounded values and not actual values from the backend DSO. Or any other solution.

Thank you