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Nov 10, 2010 at 02:30 PM

Re-executing a function in IP web: buffer problem


Hello everybody,

we have performed 2 changes to our application:

1. for performance reasons we replaced a FOX function with an IP exit function and

2. to limit the number of entires appearing in F4 (000's) in the web application when selecting mater data for filtering we inserted a new InfoObject for the selection with only a few (about 10) master data entries and then passed the variable values to the original infoobject

Both changes work well but there is a nasty side effect.

The INITIAL execution of the query (variable pop-up) and filtering in the web application works fine. The user enters data manually and executes a function performing some caluculations (was FOX, is now an IP exit function).

After this initial execution of the function it is not possible to re-execute the function. If e.g. the user performs a few more manual changes and then tries to execute the function again nothing happens. Only be logging off and on again (i.e. a new session) the user can execute the function again.

Cache mode for the query (in RSRT) is set to 0 (=inactive).

It is obviously a buffer problem (some sort of delta/plan buffer conflict) and I have had this before but I cannot recall how to solve it ... its the age!

Grateful for any assistance

Edited by: Martin Helmstein on Nov 10, 2010 11:07 AM

Clarification: if the user repeats inputting data under the INITIAL filter selection state and executes the function again it works. The problem only occurs if the user changes the filters (drop down boxes in the web application), inputs data and attempts to execute the function with this new selection.