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Nov 10, 2010 at 01:59 PM

CJI3 report not displaying values correctly in the "Total Quantity" field


Dear Friends,

Need your assistance on the issue explained below,

In our project there is a scenario where the actuals posted on a WBS are split/distributed to various WBS.These actuals that are split can be CATS entries,manual posting (KB21) or postings that come to R3 from a legacy system.The split happens by means of a custom program and is not standard.There is a tab seperated text file that contains the split percentages and the sender as well as the receiver WBS elements.Off late it has been observed that after the split is done the CJI3 report does not show the split quantities correctly and hence there is difference in the values displayed in the currency field.This is not a rounding off difference and is considerable.We have done all possible analysis from our side but i am unable to find how the difference occurs.

To add to this i have even come across certain notes which describe the issue closely but none of it has helped so far. I have simulated the scenario with the same settings in the Quality server and it seems to work fine there without any glitches. We have even compared the program in both the Quality as well as the Production servers and there is no difference in the program as well.The values for the total quantity field are stored in the table COVP and it has been observed the report is fetching this data to display in CJI3.

I have run CJEN too but this too does not correct the report. I was just wondering if any of our colleagues can provide me with some suggestions or insight in this issue.