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Mar 06, 2019 at 02:22 AM

Depreciation posted as wrong


one asset issue with me Asset history sheet balance VS GL balance are not matching due to one wrong posting.

500012943 Entry 2018

Doc type AF Period 9

40 A8030190 Dep Bk-ProdWells-Int 48,476.19

50 A8095070 IMP-HELD&USED-IDC 1,999,204.66-

70 A1400190 PPE C-Prd Wells-Intg 1,999,204.66

75 A1450190 Dep Bk-Prod Well-Int 48,476.19-

above posting is wrong. it was posted in the month of Nov 2018. now year end closer done against this entry i need to post one adjustment entry in the current period. please suggest.

correct entry should be as follows:

40 A8030190 1,999,204.66

75 A1450190 1,999,204.66-

Please suggest me how can i resolve this issue.