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Former Member
Nov 10, 2010 at 12:07 PM

Different Layout in a Smartform


Hi ,

I have a smartform and my requirement to as follows.

In first page i have a main window where data is printed in a table, now in this table i need to print only first 6 rows and remaining rows should be printed in next page but the layout of the next page would be different than the 1st page main window.

So when i am trying to create a main window in next page with different layout and this second page can extend to diffent pages based on the data in table but i am getting short dump when i am creating a main window which is not similar to 1st page

Is it not possible to have two different main windows in two pages. Is there is constraint that we cannot create different main window. If no then how do i create two different main windows.

Basically i am getting short dump when i am creating a window type as main , i havnt put anything in the window yet .