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Mar 12, 2019 at 03:18 PM

Azure backup - SAP on Microsoft Windows & SQL Server


We're looking at migrating a SAP system to Azure, running on a IaaS VM - MS Windows and SQL Server.

I understand that the Azure Backup for IaaS on Windows is 'app aware' for SQL Server and therefore you can take an app consistent snapshot. But there's no documentation suggesting that it is 'app aware' for SAP - so can you use it?

I suppose you could argue that SAP is just flat file executable plus a DB so the snapshot may be suitable. Would be nice to see something in writing confirming this though. The only SAP documentation for Azure backups I can find is around HANA and not SQL Server (we have reasons not to move to HANA).

I did find an AzureCats article about using BLOBS storage and backups utilizing that but I think that solution is over engineered / complex for this relatively small (2.2TB) and low usage system.

How are people backing up their SQL Server based SAP systems in Azure?