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Nov 09, 2010 at 10:12 PM

Execute specific rules of progression for an ST registration date.


Hi Experts,

The Metropolitan University has a serious problem with the rules of the progressions and i need some expert advise, because i need to solve this within 10 days.

Metropolitan University recently changed their semester class periods to quarters. Therefore, the rules changed for progression for students old and new students. Let me explain my self better.

The students that start before a specific date should execute a group of specific Rules, for example PRPG01, and PRPG02, and the students that start studying a program after this specific date should execute PRPG03, and PRPG04 and NOT PRPG01, and PGPG02. How can implement this scenario without changing the program type of the program. The program type is the same but they differ from rules in specific date.


Study segment starts before 24.08.2010

e.j IF GPA >= 10.80 the student progression status is 'REGU'


Study segment starts after 24.08.2010

IF the GPA >= 12 the student progression status is 'REGU'.

I need to run the process of progression at the same time. Should i have to do an IF on each EXIT of the rule or how can i do to run just 2 rules of the same container?

Is this possible with my version of SLCM?

SAP SLCM 7.0 no EHP!

I need help on this matter.

Thanks and kind regards,

Cesar Felce

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