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Nov 09, 2010 at 01:42 PM

WM RF queue determination



I have problem with assigning areas and activieties to queue. Let me brief the case. In the warehouse every storage type consist of 8 corridors and every corridor is marked as a different storage section. I determined as well picking areas for every storage type. So, we have:

St. type A

St. section for A: 001-008

Picking area for A:001-008

Now, I want to set queues as per corridor where destination bin is located. In the settings "Assigning areas and activieties to queue" I assigned 8 queues. We are taking into account only TOs created for replenishment so all settings apart from destination storage type and destination picking area will be the same.

Example: 011 Preparation screen for stock removal X *** *** A 001 *** REPL 01

Unfortunately it doesn't work.

Please share you knowledge. Any help will be appreciated.