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Nov 09, 2010 at 12:04 PM

Overlapping trips (for Travel Request - TP04)


Hi, Gurus

Is there any way so that I can create 2 or more travel requests using the same period for the same employee? It would be a desirable requirement here in our company.

I know that through 'FITVFELD' transaction I can choose, for a given travel schema, if I want to allow overlapping trips (checkbox "Overlapping Trips Allowed"). But it works only for the expense reports ("TRIP" transaction) related to the schema selected. For travel request (TP04) I can't do that.

An example: with "Overlapping Trips Allowed" checked for schema A, I am able to create 2 or more expense reports (schema A) from 11/09/2010 to 11/16/2010. But if I try to create a new travel request (TP04) within this period, the system throws an error.

PS: As we know, unfortunately schema "PL" (Travel Planning) doesn't have "Overlapping Trips Allowed" checkbox... It manages some travel request parameters.

Thank you