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Nov 09, 2010 at 11:01 AM

Adobe Form, Line Spacing of Paragraphs


Dear colleagues.

I have an Adobe Form (created by transaction SFP in

an ERP 6.0 system, using Adobe LifeCycle Designer 7.1).

This form contains a simple table to display some text in the form.

The table has just one column for strings (type Text field, field

format Plain Text only, value type Read Only).

It works fine. However I would like to reduce the spacing of the text

lines in the table.

Would you please tell me how this can be done?

(I tried the following, but it was NOT successful: I opened palette

"Paragraph". Under "Spacing", the value of "Above:" and "Below:" was

already 0pt. So I changed the option of "Line Spacing:" from "Single"

to "Exactly" and assigned to "At:" a smaller value, e.g. 5pt.

Then I tested my modified form, and I was very surprised: The

spacing of the text lines did not change, but the width of the text

lines was reduced! All letters were truncated: The above and below

part of the letters disappear suddenly.)

Would you please give me some hint?

Best regards,