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Nov 09, 2010 at 09:57 AM

Duplicate subtree in PI 7.11(EHP1) not working as it works in XI 3.0


Hi Friends,

I've exported a mapping program(graphical) from XI 3.0 to PI 7.1 as we are upgrading from old version to new one.

The mapping consists of the following target structure:

Item(Occ->0..1) Node

Err(Occ->0..1)Subnode under Item

Errtext0(Occ->0..1)Field under Err--->field being duplicated

Errtext0[1](duplicated field of Errtext0)--->field after duplication

Errtext0[2]](duplicated field of Errtext0)--->field after duplication

Errtext0[3]](duplicated field of Errtext0)--->field after duplication

In XI 3.0 when the duplicate fields are populated with values during mapping the fields appear at the target but in PI 7.1 the duplicate fields are not appearing even after values being populated.

One more observation is, In XI 3.0 when I duplicate a field its type(eg: String) and occurrence gets copied or is visible once the field is duplicated but in PI 7.1 the attributes are not visible.

Ultimately only the value of the field being duplicated is occuring after mapping transformation but not the values of duplicated fields.

Please let me know the answer if anyone of you have come across similar problem

Many thanks.