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Nov 08, 2010 at 10:58 PM



Dear Expert,

I have come across a unique requirement at a clients place, need some

thoughts of the brainy to get me some points on the requirement. The

client requirement is as follows.

1. Pay the commission entitlement in two portions, the first payment (pre-payment) at the tender acceptance stage, with the second payment being made at the contract signing stage.

2. Conditions of employment would state that the commission is not earned until such time as the contract is signed.

3. Occasionally have projects that do not proceed to contract signing, and hence would reverse the pre-payment payment.

4. The majority of salespeople are paid a regular fortnightly retainer as well as commission.

5. The commission component could be a % of the u2018tender acceptanceu2019 value, or a fixed dollar value. May have to allow for both types.

6. Would like to be able to enter some data and report as well. Data would be; SAP Project number (i.e. J/001354), SAP project customer number, tender acceptance contract value.

7. We would also like to enter both payments at the time of initial processing, with the u2018balanceu2019 payment being put on hold or block, (hence reducing the need for further entry.

8. Reporting would consist of determining commission amounts outstanding (i.e. the balances that are on block & the project numbers) per salesperson, and what has been paid in a period say.

9. Terminated employees can still get paid their u2018balancesu2019 as contract exchange, and reversals (of the pre-payment) made if they donu2019t.

Your Views on the requirement would be appreciated.