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Nov 08, 2010 at 02:24 PM

Z TCode for raw matl


Dear Expert,

Here i would like to develop one Zreport & Z T code for the below requirement please provide your advise on this.

BOMs are created for the diff finished goods say FG1, FG2, FG3;In each BOM we will find one common raw matl say RM1.

Now i would like to see the consumption of this RM1 in production order in a particular period.

Ex: FG1 uses 3kg of RM1

FG2 uses 5kg of RM1

FG3 uses 2kg of RM1

Note: The above proportion is for base qty of 1 bag.

Inputs to my ZT code screen will be as below:

Material Number : RM1

From : 01.10.2010 To : 31.10.2010

Now my output should say

FG Matl no|Description|Qty of Raw matl |Produced bags|Total qty|UoM

FG1|Finished Goods1|3|10|30|kg

FG2|Finished Goods2|5|20|100|kg

FG3|Finished Goods3|2|40|80|kg

at the bottom i would like to see the total consumption of this RM1 in a given period.

kindly help me how to provide a FS to develop this ZTcode or Z report