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Mar 07, 2019 at 04:59 AM

SAP Data Services Calling REST Web Services without parameters always returns one record



I am facing an issue with calling REST Web services having a JSON output format without a parameters.

The web service is created to return location information for all locations of the organization but I end up getting only one location. I am passing a ''(NULL string) to the web service call to return all the results.However I get only one record. I tried modifying the WADL in many different ways but without any luck.

Any help in this area is much appreciated.

More information

I have used the following blog to create the DS Job.

wadl is shown below

ALso the rest call with the response is shown below

Let me know if you guys have faced similar issue.




locationwadl.png (230.7 kB)
rest-call.png (64.0 kB)