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a question on vkm1 & vkm3

hi all,

We're building a z program to automate the process of VKM1 and VKM3. (by sold-to party, order type,

For VKM1 we retrieve the open sales order with block and release it by using SD_ORDER_CREDIT_RELEASE. This part is fine.

For VKM1, the process is tedious. We have to get all the open sales order , get the customer credit control data, check the schedule line block status, calculate the credit limit via s067. And finally use the SD_ORDER_CREDIT_RECHECK to do the recheck. We're almost there for this part (waiting to confirm how to read the block configuration master table).

However we're thinking SAP should have some tool for us to do the same thing.

The reason of to have this automation process is to always refresh the system and update the latest credit limit (what we see in FD33).

Please kindly advise do we already have any built-in tool or report for this purpose.

Thank You.

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3 Answers

  • Nov 08, 2010 at 04:17 PM


    I think SAP did not developed something similar because the credit order release usually involve some business checks: if the order has been blocked it means that the customer exceeded his credit limit, so someone have to understand if the customer is liable of this extra credit or not.

    Also remember that there are some atndard reports to run or schedule to keep the credit up-to-date:

    RVKRED08 (Credit check on sales orders that reach the credit horizon), RVKRED06 (New credit check for blocked SD documents) and RVKRED88 (SD: Simulation: Reorganization of SD credit data after updating errors).

    RVKRED08 should be scheduled to run every day after backorder processing.



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      I have a sales order where for each line litem financial document number is linked. This financial document i snothing but Letter of credit document . But the sales order is appearing in the VKM1 transaction. May I know in which cases sales order appear in the VKM1 transaction.

      Also what are the significance of output of VKM1 transaction.

      what is released credit value

      what is Guaranteed Value

      Thanks and Regards

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    Nov 24, 2010 at 01:06 PM

    u2022 FD10N - Customer balance display (which shows the customer credit/debit and cumulative balance as seen

    u2022 FBL5N - Customer line item display. This is one of the mainstream financial accounting transactions. It is useful to view the customeru2019s open items on a specific date.

    u2022 F-28 - Reset customers credit limit. This call program RFDKLI20, and may be used to re-create the customeru2019s FI and SD credit-related data.

    The credit management information system is a series of reports run from specific transaction codes that provide the user with a customeru2019s credit information. These transaction codes are as follows:

    u2022 F.31 - Overview. This is a very powerful report, which, by selecting a button, lets you branch into the customeru2019s financial analysis or line items.

    u2022 F.33 - Brief overview. Similar to the previous transaction code but without access to the external data, and formulated to be printed as a report.

    u2022 F.32 Missing data.

    u2022 FCV3 Early warning list. Used as a pre-check to see if the customer will fail a check.

    u2022 FDK43 Master data list.

    u2022 S_ALR_87012215 Displays changes to credit management.

    u2022 S_ALR_87012218 Credit master sheet. This is the most important and powerful credit management report. You can view at a glance all the critical data related to this customer as well as branch out into additional data.

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    Jan 26, 2011 at 02:28 AM

    no solution at this moment

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