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Mar 07, 2019 at 07:26 AM

SAP Material Ledger CKM3


Hi Gurus
I am trying to reconcile the price difference in Material Ledger Price Analysis. I am running the transaction code CKM3.
under the node Production I can see Red Ribbon type four sub nodes with name Prefix ATY ( activity type ) and then price difference.
Double clicking lead me to a pop up screen called "Settlement Items details as Header of the Pop up Window. There I see Document reference number ,Input Object and Output Object.
Under Input object I can ACTY type and under Object type I can see Material .
My question is ,can I see the detail of this document ( Document reference number given in window ?
I understand that this price variance is coming from activity type ,
So I want to see from where this variance ( activity type is coming ).
Is there any T-code where I can give the Document reference number and see the details of activity type variance coming to Material ?

Thanks in advance