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Nov 06, 2010 at 08:59 PM

Send Governor Settings


BPC 7.0 SP7

What are the real default values for the SG parameters?? I've found at least two SAP docs where each says something different....VERY different. One says 1,000,000 is the default. Another says 100,000. The most recent document says there's a fifth param called "LimitOfCommit", which is what seems to be acting as the MaxCells_Thread_SG.

I've tried changing MaxCells_Thread_SG, LimitOfCommit, and UnitPer_SP to everything from 100,000 to 1,000,000. Generally my test data package (2hr run with 80% logic calcs) doesn't seems affected significantly (>15% change). More common is the pkg will fail with "ProcessSQL out of memory" or "Send through SendGovernor failed", which is more common.

Also, I've noticed the everestUpdate only consumes 50% CPU at any given time. When the pkg fails it seems to be at the point where this process hands off to the k2processing (basing this on cpu churn activity)---which happens after about 40 min, and EverestUpdate is around 1.2GB.

Dev environment -

bpc 7.0 SP7

1 app server (win 03 sp2), 3gb enabled on everestUpdate, 2 CPU, 4GB RAM

1 DB server, 64bit (SQL 08), over 32GB RAM, unknown CPU..but prob at least 2

Question 1.

What are the correct product defaults?

Question 2.

What is the LimitOfCommit parameter?

Question 3.

What is the difference between UnitPer_SP, MaxCells_Thread_SG, and LimitOfCommit? The values always seem similar.

Question 4.

Any guideliines for optimal settings. For example, LimitOfCommit = CPU cores X factor. Or, increase UnitPer_SP for packages with large data volume, etc.

"Defaults" provided by SAP. Note the WIDE swings:

*SAP stated defaults, version 1*
Note 1099142 (and others)
1. Interval_Check_Send 3,000
2. Thread_Maxnum_SG 3
3. UnitPer_SP 100,000
4. MaxCells_Thread_SG 100,000
5. LimitOfCommit (not specified)

*SAP stated defaults, version 2* 
"System Parameters" document (2009)
1. Interval_Check_Send 3,000
2. Thread_Maxnum_SG 3
3. UnitPer_SP 500
4. MaxCells_Thread_SG 1,000,000
5. *LimitOfCommit* 100,000

*Forum, recommendation from Sorin*
Oct. 15, 2010
1. Interval_Check_Send 4,000
2. Thread_Maxnum_SG 1
3. UnitPer_SP 1,000,000
4. MaxCells_Thread_SG 1,000,000
5. LimitOfCommit (not specified)