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Nov 05, 2010 at 05:58 PM

Error when exporting more than 65K rows to Excel


Running Crystal XI, v11.0.0.1282 (not sure what SP level we're at, or how to tell)

We're attempting to use Crystal XI as a front end to allow analysts to dump possibly large volumes of data to Excel for analysis. This is working satisfactorily when the number of rows is within the limit for earlier Excel versions (pre-2007), but appears to be failing when the row count exceeds the ~65K mark.

When I dump such a large set from my Crystal developer session at my workstation, the behavior is that the data is exported to one sheet up to the row limit, with any overflow placed in an additional sheet. Presumably, once the second sheet filled up, the remainder would spill over to an additional sheet, and so on.

When the "report" is run from the server, however, the instance runs for several minutes and fails, returning the error "Not enough memory for operation." I've experimented with running the output to the Crystal format - which completes successfully - and exporting from that, with the same results. Likewise, running to PDF works as advertised, though exporting from there to Excel is not an option. When I alter my selection criteria to yield a row count < ~65K, it exports to Excel by either method.

In general, I expect that row counts from these runs would not exceed Excel 2007's single sheet row limit, so just getting Crystal to export multiple sheets containing all the data would be sufficient. Our users could then convert to Excel 2007 and consolidate the exported results to a single sheet and work their magic.

I've scoured the archives looking for similar problems and solutions, but haven't found anything helpful. Any nudge toward a solution would be a great help.