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Nov 05, 2010 at 09:14 AM

How to change JDBC connection URL after deployment without designer?


Hi, buddies:

I have a simple but not easy to solve problem after efforts seeking for helps. My expectation is to change my jdbc connection URL by modifying a xml file or use administrative console in crystal report server XI. Not just open the designer, open my rpt file, and user "database expert" to re-map my tables again.


My practice is:

1, in crytal report 2008, create my new rpt file, and use "JDBC" as my database connection;

2, I can connect to the database and drag and draw the tables to rpt after my jdbc connection and classpath is fine.

3, I publish to the testing server which the destination database is identical to my rpt;

4, it is fine to open by setting up the right classpath in CRConfig.xml file.

BUT, I will publish to the production server which my destination for datase is different from my previous URL.

How can I change it? It seems very silly to open each rpt files to reroute the database file-by-file.

Can crystal report provide a confortable way to do it?

(I got some hints by googling the question and it is related to JNDI instead of JDBC, but how can I access the JNDI server when I using crystal report designer 2008).

This problem drive me crazy and desperately want your help!!