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Nov 05, 2010 at 04:27 AM

costing variant , how to config rounding for component quants ?


Hello everyone ,

i am new to CO-PC

my user want to change rounding for component quants.

Current setting is u2018Round up with Nondimensional units of Measureu2019.

This affects too high loss in standard product cost due to rounding up.

For instance, 24 pieces of product are packed in one shipping carton.

Based on standard cost calculation per 100 pieces,

shipping carton usage is computed as roundup of (100/24) which is 5 pieces.

Once in the actual production, production lot size is 10,000 pcs.

Target shipping carton usage would be automatically calculated as (5*24,000/100) = 1,200 pcs

whereas in the reality, 1,000 shipping carton should be used (24,000/24).

As a result, material usage variance is shown too high due to rounding up.

you can see detail in below website (there is only picture in website)


thank you in advance.