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Mar 11, 2019 at 08:06 AM

HR to SRM Idoc replication issue


Hi All,

We are experiencing an issue in replication of idoc from HR to SRM .

In DEV environment , when we replicate the PERNR to SRM, replication is successful , however Only Central Person - CP gets generated. But BP is not generated ( PPOSA_BBP shows only CP not the corresponding BP ).

However in Production , the while the idoc is being processd it ends in 51 status without any CP - BP creation.

The error is Production is " Filtering data for central person XXXXXXXX (IDOC, segment)".

In Dev Environments replication is processed successfully without any errors for the same set up of data but BP Number for CP is not generated.

Kindly assist with some pointers.

Please note we have done the preliminary checks with respect to Filter Groups and mandatory data. All are proper.