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Nov 04, 2010 at 08:32 PM

BDC Call transaction update - Not successful



This is a question on BDC program with data posted by call transaction method. I am posting some data via call trnsaction method in mode 'N' - No display method. When i execute the transaction the data is not commited...but when i go into mode 'A' i can process screen by screen and the data is commited. Now i found the difference...during both 'N' and 'A' mode the system tries to update a data to a line item which is not available for input. In this case the system issues an 'sucess' message but does not stops with an error message. With mode 'A' it is acceptable and updates but fails to do so in mode 'N'.

any idea on how this can be handled?

I assume it shud work the same in both mode 'A' and 'N'. The return message in both modes does not issue error message.



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