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Nov 04, 2010 at 07:39 PM

Extract structures of 08: Shipment


I need to extract data from Shipment.

Executed the Setup then RSA3 for the five DataSources of 2LIS_08.

Data is OK for Shipment Costs.

But I want to bring TKNUM (shipment number), TSNUM (stage of transport number) and other fields for the three DSs of LES Transport (TRTK, TRTLP and TRTS).

So I went to tc LBWE (LO Cockpit), opened the Structure Maintenance of these DSs and passed the fields from the right column (Pool) to the left column. Then saved the Structures and the DSs.

It seems that it worked well, I can see the new fields through RSA6 and display the DSs. Also changed to do not hide the new fields.


The problem is that I execute the Setup (tc VTBW) and when test the DSs (tc RSA3) they do not select any record.

The other DSs (TRFKP and TRFKZ), wich I didn't change, still work well. I execute the Setup (tc VIFBW) and when test the DSs they select correctly the records.

Any help will be very appreciated.

César Menezes