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Nov 04, 2010 at 05:47 PM

Limit Crystal report preview to first page or ten records?


Our application uses the Crystal 2008 RAS API in VB.NET platform to generate Crystal reports. Our reports use the PULL model and we supply the database credentials at run time and the report connects directly with the report via OLE DB.

I am in process adding a new functionality where in the users will have the option to see a limited thumbnail preview of the report before actually previewing/printing the report.

I am looking for way by which I can control the preview to just one page of the report so that the report thumbnail loads quicker as I am only interested in showing the users the layout of the report and the actual data is not important.

Is there a way to control the preview to first page or first ten records. "PageNumber" and "RecordNumber" do not work in the selection formula as they have later evaluation times.

I was thinking about manipulating the first record set field in the report to change it to Group record sort and set the sort direction to TopN of 10 rows at runtime.

Also, if i could extract the actual SQL of the report, there are possibilities there to set to Where condition to it.

Please advice on what is the best way to accomplish this. Remember, my goal is negligible load time for the report and the thumbnail just needs to reflect the data layout of the report.