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Nov 04, 2010 at 09:57 AM

JDBC poll interval



I would like to use short interval between two selects in JDBC sender adapter, in fact short as possible.

As I can't find more usefull information in SAP Help, I'm asking here, what is you experience.

Interesting sound statement from SAP Help "If Poll Interval (secs) is set to null, processing times will be

short and close to real time." "short and close to real time."....what does this mean?

Also I found some responses from Michal and others to use 1ms, but what will happen if I put 1ms,

and for some reason 1. select does not finish in one sec, and then starts second...

Let us assume that I'm picking one by one row from DB, and I'm using serializable isolation level. What is the best way to setup scenario like this and not to crash PI.

Also for some years I found some blog on SDN, which explained why not to use short intervals, can't find it any more....



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