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Nov 04, 2010 at 08:07 AM

SNP Planned order not following resource bucket capacity/factory calendar


Hi gurus,

SCM 5.0

I am running SNP heuristics for a product and expecting planned orders for it. It has corresponding production data structure and multimixed resource. The resource has an assignd factory calendar and SNP bucket capacity. The bucket capactiy availablity dates of the resouce is consistent with the factory calendar workdays/holidays. Using simple lot for lot strategy, I am expecting heuristics to schedule the planned orders on the dates of the demand in compliance with teh SNP bucket capacity availability of the resource. APO does not schedule on holidays consistent with bucket capactiy. This is true until...

We have a public holiday in factory calendar that needs to become a workday. To remedy this, we put a special rule for the factory calendar and explicitly made that holiday into a workday. The changes were synchronized with APO, and this is also reflected in the bucket capacity of the resourc: former holiday now has bucket capacity after the calendar change. However, when running heuristics, it still does not create SNP planned order on that former holiday that has been changed into workday. Even if it is a public holiday, there is already a special rule for the factory calendar and the resource bucket capacity reflects this correctly. But SNP heuristics seems not to follow this change.

Any ideas on this? looks like a bug.