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Mar 08, 2019 at 09:53 AM

Import Monitor - Error Messages


Hello together,

can anybody help us to understand what is the meaning of the following error messages in the import monitor. We receive this data when we load it from the SAP Sales Cloud to the SAP Marketing Cloud (Release 1902)

Marketing permissions not updated. Timestamp 09/07/2017T00:00:00 is outdated for PHONE +4949494949494 -> Shall we deliver all messages wiht a current timestamp?

Contact with ID &1 does not have ID &2 -> If we deliver a contact an ID Origin with another one why this message?

ID &1 of contact with ID &2 is obsolete or flagged for deletion -> We dont have obsolete contacts in our system. What is the meaning of this message?

ID &1 is obsolete or flagged for deletion -> What would be the meaning? As described above no contacts currently are flagged for deletion.

No contact found for ID &1 -> If we deliver a contact and contact does not exist a new contact shall be created.

Are these messages somewhere described?