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Mar 07, 2019 at 04:45 PM

Fiori launchpad ECC6 LPD_CUST


Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to pass context to tiles with old version of SAPUI5 (1.28.7)

in this version, there is no "target name" columns in mapping configuration of tiles.

and there is no possibility to use transaction as application type. we need to use LPD_CUST.

in LPD_CUST, there is a possibility to define batch-input parameters.

I did the following :

il mapping configuration, 2 parameters :

- ContractAccount

- Partner

I'm using transaction CAA3 transaction.

in LPD_CUST, in "Target App. Parameters, I defined this :

Program = SAPLFKKC

Dynpro number = 0100

OK-Code = /0

Forward only the following parameters : checked

in the table below :

Source Parameter : ContractAccount and Partner

Target Parameter : FKKVKP-VKONT and FKKVKP-GPART

That way I'm trying to use batch-input to display CAA3.

in "Entries Following Start of Application", I use "Skip Initial Screen if Possible" option.

message obtained in fiorilaunchpad screen :

Failed to resolve navigation target: #ContractAccount-displayWithParams?ContractAccount=2500089&Partner=4000000026 - Could not resolve link 'ContractAccount-displayWithParams?ContractAccount=2500089&Partner=4000000026' sap.ushell.renderers.fiori2.Shell.controller

Is there a way with that old version to call a standard transaction passing context ?