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Nov 03, 2010 at 03:22 PM

General UA Questions


Hello Experts,

Recently an SAP Mentor posted this comment...

I have heard that there is some "locked" treasury, where these educational materials are kept...

I have tried to find this information first before posting, but it seems that I'm going in circles trying to find the answers.

Collaboration Workspace (Reserve Desk)?

From my understanding this is only accessible to professors who are currently enrolled in the University Alliance. Is this correct? If so, why can't students attending an enrolled UA school view the information? This may simple be a security or copyright issue but it would be EXTREMELY beneficial to see what other students are learning and possible allow us (students) to practice these materials outside of the classroom.

Online workshops?

Now this one I'm almost positive is exclusively for UA professors. Why is this so? Would it hurt anything to at least offer online workshops to students? I'm sure student attendance wouldn't be great (at least at first), but this could potentially be a huge benefit for the University Alliance.


Is this feature available to everyone? I have read the [Instructions on using Datango demo's|; and still haven't been able to reach this material. Each time I try I receive: This webpage is not found. I have tried opening the Index.htm document in both Google Chrome and Firefox.

I look forward to your feedback and guidance.

Best Regards,

Kevin Coolman