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Former Member
Nov 03, 2010 at 02:43 PM

Purchase order release workflow


Hi clever people 😊

I am back with more noobish questions....

I'm creating a PO release workflow and I have used the standard workflow def WS20000075 as a basis (i have made a copy so I can edit things)

I have some questions to begin with:

Does this workflow somehow supoprt multi level approval processes? (I have up to 6 release levels in my release strategy) I somehow think it doesn't since there is only one step in the workflow for releasing a PO. am i correct and if so, how do I go about making it suitable for a multi level strategy, a loop ?

I can get the workflow to run by creating a PO in ME21N using only the first level of my strategy, however for some strange reason the workflow start event deactivates itself after every workflow instance .... any clue why it does this?

Many thanks in advance for you help .