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Mar 07, 2019 at 05:36 AM

LX23 Stock Inconsistency correction IM-Wm



there exists stock differences between IM & WM stock.

Case1: IM Stock 100 COL WM Stock = Nil (Correct situation = 0 stock)

Case2: IM stock 100 COL WM stock = 20 COL (Correct situation = 0 stock)

Case3: IM stock 0 COL WM stock = 20 COL (Correct situation = 0 stock)

The solution is to have the LX23 transaction run as per SAP notes: 535043 & 1871525.

But point here is, WM stock is always a lead that is updated in IM and if needed a WM Phy.Inventory process is executed to correct inventory.

Unfortunately the business has forefeited the std customizing of 701 & 702 wrt WM reference mvt type to 701 & 702 that also hits WM side. This way if LX23 transaction is run that misbalances the inventory.

Business has purposefully changed assignment of 999 WM reference mvt type in these IM movements, by which in one shot business can perform MIGO in WM slocs to clear/add stocks (which means business is not at all ready to perform WM physical inventory process in WM slocs)

This causes the regression when LX23 is used to correct the inconsistency situation.

By any chance/means if the inconsistency can be corrected wihtout using the LX23 transaction & without changing the WM reference movement type in IM movements 701 & 702?