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Nov 03, 2010 at 12:07 PM

PCD folder in KM content throwing error (WPC Iviews)


Hello KM&C Forum Users,

After following the initial configuration for the WPC in SAP Help I tried using the pcd connection that I had made in the KM content to add an iview to a Web page. I get the following error in the Content window of the KM Content:

System Error An exception occurred during program execution Go back and try again

These are the errors from the default trace:

null java.lang.ClassCastException



null java.lang.ClassCastException


(These are just partial snippets of the logs. If requested I could add the complete log entry)

I have followed the directions in SAP help how this connection is to be made (checked and rechecked) and I also found the instructions of how to do the additional configuration in the wpcDragExplorerEntryPoints. I added the following:

displaymode=select,maxproviderprio=30,entriesperrow=5,sharedcontent=/wpccontent/Cross-Site Content;/pcd/portal_content/Web_Page_iViews

Additionally I checked the Virtual Root Repository and the PCD repository is not excluded.

I also checked and insured that in the PCD repository the Property Search Manager is on "Not set".

I have checked through notes and found note 1450398 and uploaded the patch for my System which is by the way

NW 7.0 SPS 21 stand alone portal

I have also found 2 different notes that mention an "inconsistency between and the servicepack " but it wasn't mentioned what was done to remove the inconsistency.

As you all can see I have been through notes, Wiki's, Forum entries. SAP Help and SAP notes to no avail. Can anyone out there help me to get rid of this problem?

Thanks in advance