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Nov 03, 2010 at 10:21 AM

KM API:use-source 1.4 or lower to use 'enum' as an identifier - build error


Hi All,

I am trying to buld a custom report. i am facing the following build error when i try to build my DC.

Could you kindly tell me, what ocnfiguration needs to be changed for this?

[javac] ERROR: C:\Documents and Settings\user1.dtc\0\DCs\km\ep\kmreport\_comp\src.api\com\km\kmreport\ as of release 5, 'enum' is a keyword, and may not be used as an identifier

[javac] ERROR: (use -source 1.4 or lower to use 'enum' as an identifier)

[javac] ERROR: import com.sapportals.wcm.repository.enum.PropertyType;

[javac] ERROR: ^

Some ANT information:

Starting Ant..

Using build file: C:\Documents and Settings\user1\.dtc\0\DCs\km\ep\kmreport\_comp\gen\default\logs\build.xml

Using build target: build

Using Ant version: 1.6.2

and currenly i am using JDK1.4 only (selected in the Installed JRE's).

what other parameters needs to be checked?

your help would be grately appreciated <<text removed>>