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Nov 02, 2010 at 11:26 PM

Controlling jobs created via parallel processing


Hi SDNites,

I have a req where I have to fetch info for for multiple rebate agreements and to display then in output ALV. As the data is huge I have followed the approach for parallel processing i.e creating jobs and 1 background job will be created programatically for each agreement. I am successfully able to achieve till this point.

After all my background jobs are completed then I have toaccumulate details of all background jobs and put it in final internal table which will be displayed in O/P ALV. Here the problem that I am facing is that some agreements are missed and it is difficult to track why they are missed.

As per my understanding, as I have used the ABAP memory to hold values between different background jobs, so when 2 of them are run exactly at the same time ABAP memory is overwriten. Can we put a wait where we can control processing of background jobs as well. (Wait Untill seems not to be working). Please suggest.