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Mar 11, 2019 at 05:13 PM

SDI real time not replicating timed out


Hi SDI experts

While trying to replicate or initialling real time replication a timed out error appears, we had made inilital loads succesfully, but when trying to turn on the real time replication, the error appears. i try with the as it follows:

  • using in the Replication task the Initial + Realtime option, and after a few minnutes the error appears.
  • first we send an initial load and once this one is finish succesfully, i turn on the realtime option with an other replication task, but after a few minutes the error appears.

unfortunately the error displayed within the WebIDE console is very generic, so while performing a trace in HANA, another error appears

  • HANA Version 2.034.00
  • DPAgent Version
  • Adapter OracleLogReaderAdapter 2.3.5
  • DataBase Source Version Oracle DB