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Mar 11, 2019 at 03:55 PM

SAP ByDesign - Navigate to Sales Order (OBN) shows empty screen


We have a custom BO with an ID field containing a Sales Order ID:

[Label("Sales Order ID")] element SO_ID:BusinessTransactionDocumentID;

On the OWL I select the SO_ID column. It's Text property is ./SO_ID->>Root-~SO_ID-~content

In the DataModel "/Root/DataList/SO_ID" is bound to ">Root-~SO_ID-~content"

I set it's DisplayType to "Link".

On Navigation I set the OBN tab to the following:

  • Namespace to
  • BOModel: SalesOrder
  • I select SalesOrder in the object-tree
  • Operation: Open
  • It auto-selects /SAP_BYD_UI/SystemPortTypes.PTP.uicomponent as PTP
  • and OpenByKey as Reference
  • I Bind to /Root/DataList/SO_ID
  • NavigationStyle newWindow

Then I confirm the OBN dialog with Ok and Save and Activate. I then open the work center of the object in the browser. I see multiple lines with a filled in Sales Order ID. I verify that the Sales Order in question exists. I click the link. A screen called "Sales Order Overview" opens, but all the fields are empty.


How can I fix this?