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Nov 02, 2010 at 12:40 PM

Electronic bank statement Germany


Dear all,

I should configure electronic bank statement for a German customer that should change from one system to SAP. Their format on electronic bank statement is MT940 and in the file they have all transactions that appeared on their bank statement; incoming payments (both manual and by direct debit), outgoing payments (both manual and automatic paymens by file) and other costs as bank fee (total to about 5 cost accounts).

When looking at transaction FF_5 i have some questions:

1. I guess in Germany, when having format MT940, I don´t need to convert the file in FEBC?

2. In FF_5 - elect. bank statement format should be entered, which one should I use?:

G SWIFT MT940- Field 86: Structure Recgnized automatically

I SWIFT MT940 international format (field 86 unstructured)


S SWIFT MT940 with field 86 structured?

3. What is the difference by statement file and line item file, should I have both? Today, in their current system, they only import one file from bank, so if I only have one file, which field to use?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards L