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Nov 02, 2010 at 09:21 AM

CJR2 error


PS Gurus,

in CJR2 transaction i am getting an error "Group "PSPLAN" for characteristic "Cost element" does not exist".when going in to the error message.

Message no. K9 083


The group/hierarchy "PSPLAN" that you have entered or are using cannot be found for the characteristic "Cost element" currently being used.

This error situation can have one of the following causes:

u2022 The group/hierarchy was defined in the planning layout but has since been deleted.

u2022 If you are using planner profiles:

The group/hierarchy was defined in the default parameters for the planner profile but has since been deleted.

u2022 The group/hierarchy was entered in the initial screen but does not exist.


Create group/hierarchy "PSPLAN" or enter a different valid group/hierarchy in the planning layout, the planner profile, or in the the initial screen in planning.

Whereas PSPLAN is cost element group and very well exist when checked via KAH3 transaction.

we are using newly created layout Z-701 EXCEL "Intergrated ExcelWBS" and finding error only in this layout and cost element gruop PSPLAN when we use another layout and cost elment group it is working fine.

Please suggest the workaround and let me know if you require more details.

Many thanks for your help in advance.