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Nov 01, 2010 at 08:29 AM

Trasfer posting w.r.t material document


Dear All,

Can we do transfer posting w.r.t MIGO (GR-101) using t.code MIGO_TR or MB1B. i try do do TP but system is not allowing

1) with T.code MIGO_TR system is giving msg:

Selected material document does not correspond with action to be executed

Message no. MIGO067


You want to post a goods receipt, goods issue, or transfer posting with a material document as a reference. The document entered does not correspond with the prerequisites in order to be used as a reference using this functionality.

System Response

The prerequisite of this functionality is that there is a material document without a reference, in other words, the document posted at the time must have been an 'Other' goods receipt/goods issue or an 'Other' transfer posting, according to the selection.

If, for example, you want to post a goods receipt, you cannot use a transfer posting document as a reference.


Choose a document suitable for the selected activity.

2) MB1B i selected w.r.t material doc:

Process doc. 5000011861, trans./ev. type WE, with different transaction

Message no. M7065


The function is not defined for the transaction/event type of this document.

Example: you want to enter a goods issue with reference to a material document but have entered a goods receipt document as reference.


Enter a different document or process the document with the function that has been defined for it.

Do you want to display the list of material documents for the material? If so, you can select by transaction/event type.

Please advice me how to proceed,