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Nov 01, 2010 at 01:19 AM

Summarise Value in Main Report which links to Shared Variable in SubReport


I have a Main Report and a linked Sub Report with a Shared Boolean Variable. The Shared Variable is returning the correct values and I have been able to use the result in a formula calculation (@Management Fee). I am then trying to summarise the value returned in the @Management Fee formula at Group Header 1 level, and the system won't allow it due to the reset formula I have in the subreport of the shared value.

The sub report is set up as follows:

Details A

@Reset VAR


shared booleanvar Deduction:=false

Details B

@Shared VAR


shared booleanvar Deduction;


Details C


if {DeductDetail.Deduction}="Management Fee" then true

In the main report I have the linked SubReport in Details A and the Shared Variable in Details B as follows:



Shared BooleanVar Deduction;


How can I summarise the value of @Management Fee and formulas using this value given the reset issue and also the fact that the other figures used in the formula are not contained within the SubReport?

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.