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Oct 31, 2010 at 05:46 AM

How to use the functionality of Simulation for the Transaction MIRO


Hi Group,

I have a requirement to call SAP from MS Excel and check for the SImulation option as under:

The Excel will pass the values of Invoice Number, Posting date, PO number, PO Item number, Company code and etc., through the call of BAPI - 'BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE' in order to create Invoice in the SAP system.

But the above BAPI is creating the Invoices in SAP system. Rather, I need to just check(thru SIMULATION) the records and come back to MS Excel with the MIRO numbers that will be created and the errror messages that will be returned back.

In summary, I have to add two Buttons as:

POST : this has to create MIRO(invoice Numbers) in the SAP System(populating the Success/Error Messages by calling

the above BAPI - This functionality is working fine now

SIMULATE: this has to do same functionality of "POST" option but should not create MIROs in the SAP system

Currently I am not able to achieve this as the above BAPI is creating MIROs in SAP.

Kindly provide your inputs on how to go about incorporating the above SIMULATION functionality, by giving some simulation BAPIs that can be used for my functionality.

Thanks for your help in advance.