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Oct 29, 2010 at 01:13 PM

16: The transport tool terminated due to an internal error(transport req)


Hi friends,

i created one transport request for transporting custom appset to quality system.

while importing in quality i'm getting request in red color. checked log:

Unexpected EOF after 88079651 bytes

Ended with return code: ===> 16 <===

16: The transport tool terminated due to an internal error.

we intially transported Non BPC cubes, along with that infoarea name(/cpmb/bpc) came. But i'm able to see several /cpmb/xx infoobjects. I manually moved from infoarea(/CPMB/BPC) to other infoarea(ybpc) with new request in quality. next i'm trying to delete /cpmb/xx infoobejcts through one program(around 700 infoobjects are exists). can i use ujt_content_activate program to delete contents of appset, if i use that program what i have to mention in content version field? can anyone eloborate usage of ujs_activate_content? we are on bpc75nw sp04

any suggestions pls to import request correctly.